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Business Litigation


Sigrid Irias has represented big and small businesses as well as individuals in the resolution of business disputes, some litigated and some not.  Samples include the following.

  • Sigrid won a verdict in favor of her client after a three-week jury trial in which breach of contract and violation of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing had been alleged.  The other side had asked the jury to award between three and five million in punitive damages; the jury returned a verdict in favor of Sigrid’s client, and awarded the other side nothing.
  • She negotiated an amicable resolution of a disagreement between her client and another business, resolving issues related to ownership of customer lists and other business assets, avoiding the expense of litigation for both parties.
  • When her client, an individual consumer, was sued for over $300,000 by a creditor, Sigrid was able to obtain a dismissal of all claims in exchange for a waiver of potential malicious prosecution claims.
  • Sigrid extricated a small business tenant from protracted a multi-party commercial lease dispute via summary judgment, after taking the deposition of one key witness.

Prior results cannot guarantee a similar outcome.